Atomic Tools

When I am out exploring nature or just observing it from home I use a lot of technology to help me identify what I’m seeing, find my way, or learn more about the history or culture of a place.  I will continue to list some of those resources here so you can check them out and see if they are something you want to use as well.

Ducks in winter  I use to keep track of my bird sightings throughout the year.  They are also a great resource for finding bird hot-spots and exploring the data to see what is migrating or might be in your area at certain times of the year.  When I’m in the field I use iBird Pro and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology  to help I.D. birds by looking at the images, listening to their songs and looking the migration ranges.

My horse by the big Cotton Wood at the end of the trail.
My horse by the big Cotton Wood at the end of the trail.

When I’m out on the trail I use Trail Tracker on my iPhone to keep track of how far I’ve gone and set trail loops to get a good workout for my ponies.  I also always make sure I take a phone on the ride incase of emergency, but I try not to talk and ride or text and ride!

Other cool Apps that I use in the field are:  Project Noah, Sky Guide, Audubon Insect Guide.



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