On the centennial, remembering the women activists behind Texas state parks

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Consensus is elusive in this polarized time. But state parks are an exception. Polls consistently show three-quarters of Texans view state parks favorably. When a parks-funding proposal went before voters in 2019, it received 88 percent support. Few policy matters unite us so broadly.

Yet the history of the state-parks system — now marking its centennial — is one of uphill political battles. Texas State Parks: The First 100 Years, from TCU Press, chronicles those battles. The book shines a light on the women activists who helped build this beloved institution.

Jennifer Bristol writes about women and parks in the new book.

“Beautiful prairies and forests are going away,” Bristol said, “and they’re starting to see that. They’re feeling it in their core, and as Texans they’re called upon to preserve Texas.” … Have a listen to the full article on Marfa Public Radio- Nature Notes