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Hummingbirds: Jewels of the Sky

Hummingbirds just make me smile. They are so tiny, yet so tough. I would even put them in the “bossy bird” category. I would also place them in the dazzling category.  Texas can boast having 17 species that either live or pass through the… Continue Reading “Hummingbirds: Jewels of the Sky”


I’m very pleased to announce that Parking Lot Birding: A Fun Guide to Discovering Birds in Texas will be shipping out in April, just in time for the spring bird migration. Due to the Covid-19 safety measures many of the April events have been canceled. If… Continue Reading “PARKING LOT BIRDING”

Resources for Birding with Kids

With everyone sheltering in place and schools closed during the Corvid-19 epidemic I thought I might create a quick catalog of resources for birding with kids. The spring migration is a great time to introduce kids to the wonder of birds as they move… Continue Reading “Resources for Birding with Kids”

Feeling Birdy

It’s almost October and still 100 degrees in Central Texas. But with the arrival of a Baltimore Oriole in our yard this week, I know the fall migration is in full swing even it fall isn’t. The Ruby Throated Hummingbirds have been hanging out… Continue Reading “Feeling Birdy”

Memories of the Monarch Butterfly

When I was a child my parents subscribed to National Geographic and I always looked forward every month to see what new wonders of the world they would surprise and delight us with in their latest issue. We kept those magazines for years and… Continue Reading “Memories of the Monarch Butterfly”

Nature in Austin

There are lots of cool places around Austin, TX to find nature, some of the places listed here might be well known, other’s might be a little less so. These are some of my favorite places that I invite you to also explore. Barton… Continue Reading “Nature in Austin”

Why I Trail Ride

I’ve never been one to want to spend my time in the saddle just going in circles around a dusty arena. As a kid I did my time in lessons and horse shows, but it was never where I wanted to be. I’m happiest… Continue Reading “Why I Trail Ride”

Outdoor Skills

Giving people the tools to feel confident in the outdoors is something that I enjoy taking part in any way that I can.  My latest effort was to write a “skill builder” article for Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine.  The article I submitted on… Continue Reading “Outdoor Skills”

Howdy y’all!

The name Atomic Cowgirl is something that blends the two worlds that I straddle in my daily life; the fast-paced urban world and the slower-paced realm of nature.  Growing up in Austin, TX- I have seen lots of changes since 1973, but I can… Continue Reading “Howdy y’all!”