Category: Horses

Summer of ’77

During the summer of 1977 most little girls were asking for a new Malibu Barbie for their birthdays. I liked Barbie too, but what I really wanted was a living, breathing pony. Not just any pony either. I wanted Squaw. Squaw was a Pony… Continue Reading “Summer of ’77”

Trail Report- June- 2015

I love riding on the trails.  Well- I love riding horses pretty much any where, any time.  After the Memorial Day floods of 2015, there was a lot of debris and mud on the trails at the barn where I ride. But a few… Continue Reading “Trail Report- June- 2015”

The Rocking B Riders

I’ve been having fun playing with the GoPro and learning how to use iMovie.  I made a little movie trailer from footage of one of the rides I took with the women from Rocking B Stables in Austin, TX.

A Day in the Woods With My Friends

I’m lucky to live in a place that is close to where I can keep my horses and still have some open lands to ride them on.  This video is a short chronicle of a day doing some trail work with my dogs before… Continue Reading “A Day in the Woods With My Friends”

Sunday Morning

Many people spend their Sunday mornings at church and that brings them peace. They feel comfort in the hymnal songs and are brought inspiration in the words delivered in the service. I too enjoy finding, peace, comfort and inspiration on a Sunday morning, but… Continue Reading “Sunday Morning”