Parking Lot Birding: A Fun Guide to Discovering Birds in Texas

I wanted to write a guidebook to make it easy for people to find great birding places in Texas. It was important to me to find locations that were easy to get around for people with limited mobility or little kids. Each of the 90 birding locations allows people easy access to rich experiences in nature that don’t require intense hiking to some remote location. Nature is nearby and birds are the wildlife that surround us all the time. I hope you will use this book to find new places or revisit somewhere you haven’t been in a long time. Either way, pick up a copy and plan your next birding adventure.


“If you are new to birding, or to birding in Texas, Parking Lot Birding offers a terrific road map for enjoying some of the state’s most abundant and accessible avian hotspots. Novice and expert birders alike will find it a quick and delightful read and resource.”Carter Smith, executive director, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

“From the deserts of the Big Bend to the swamps of the Big Thicket, Jennifer Bristol’s engaging new guide, Parking Lot Birding, represents a priceless resource for beginning birders and experts alike. Bristol surveyed dozens of state parks, settling ponds, and urban oases to help birdbrained travelers find their feathered friends.”Dan Oko, writer-at-large, Texas Monthly, Audubon, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and more

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Parking Lot Birding - A fun guide to discovering birds in Texas (book cover)