My Big Covid- 19 Lockdown Promotion

I’m so pleased to announce I have just been promoted. I’ve been working at the Nilles- Bristol Resort Living Community since 2009. It started as a part-time side gig as I was working full-time at another establishment. I would help out in the evenings and weekends as best I could. Last Summer I went full-time and started in the housekeeping and landscaping division. The staff and residents are amazing here. I have some language barriers with a few of the residents, but we seem to get our thoughts across. 

Cachina at the spa

 This week my boss made it official that I am the new Activities and Catering Manager. It is such an honor. I’ve really wanted this position and the prestigious title that comes with it but never thought I had the skills required. He said the residents are really happy with the meals I’ve been preparing, and they find my activities to be engaging and sometimes even challenging. I think the mud-spa treatment that I arranged for one of the older residents really sealed the deal. 

My mind is racing with new types of games and exercise programs that I can now offer the residents. Tonight, I have planned a special meal/ activity for the VIP resident. We will start with an easy walk with the other live-ins, then he will be treated to a cocktail and snacks in the west facing porch, followed by a light meal on the covered deck, and finally an after-diner drink on the sky-viewing patio. The other residents will have their standard meal and can join in the festivities on the sky-viewing patio after their 6:30 pm nap. I will admit since most of the residents nap most of the day, the work load is fairly light. One of the more senior residents spends most of her time watching the TV window.

Resident, Chuck, enjoying a Cactus Swirl cocktail

The only downside is my boss mentioned that because of the uncertainty in the Covid-19 world right now, I won’t see an increase in pay, and I will have to continue with my housekeeping and landscaping duties. However, if I exceed during this quarter, I am eligible for a bonus. Oh, and he mentioned that I qualify for a comped meal and cocktail on the weekends. I really feel like I am in a supportive work/ life environment and if I continue to apply myself, I’m certain that I can continue to elevate myself and the Nilles-Bristol Resort Living Community. 

I never thought I could turn my part-time side gig into such a meaningful career. It just goes to show that with hard work, and a positive attitude, anything is possible. Well no time to waste, I’m off to tackle the laundry, attend to the landscaping duties, and two residents have requested massages this afternoon. At least I think that’s what they’ve asked for; as I mentioned sometimes there are language barriers. 

Meet the Residents: Chuck, Chief, Coburg, Cachina, Casino

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