Outdoor Skills

Giving people the tools to feel confident in the outdoors is something that I enjoy taking part in any way that I can.  My latest effort was to write a “skill builder” article for Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine.  The article I submitted on how to build the perfect campfire was published this November 2014 issue.

The pyramid method
The pyramid method

Some of my fondest memories involve sitting around a campfire, telling stories, keeping warm and even just staring into the flames and letting my imagination wander.  I firmly believe that my strong connection with nature helps my creativity and is the core of my confidence.

Knowing how to build a good fire is part of that confidence foundation. Being able to build a good fire is enjoyable and gives me the confidence that I  can control of one of the basic elements that sets humans apart from other animals.  If I was lost in the wilderness, I know that I could build a fire to stay warm, cook food or signal for help.

The odds of me getting lost in the wilderness are low, but the odds of me camping with friends and family is high.  I love creating the perfect campfire to sit around and share an evening under the stars.

With people spending more time than ever indoors, passing basic knowledge like how to build a good fire is slowly being lost.  I want to share that wisdom with anyone that wants it.  Hopefully the article will inspire someone to take the time to learn how to build the perfect campfire as well and take ownership  of one of the most basic human skills.


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